Ciaran (RSD) - Murder On The Dancefloor
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Read 2009. Szeptember 24. Csütörtök, 23:27:26 #0

Ciaran (RSD) - Murder On The Dancefloor

I've always found the dance floor to be a bastard - until recently, that is.

My problem - my sticking point - was that when I'd get to the dance floor I'd never know how to do approaches. If I danced up to a chick slowly, she'd turn away. If I danced up to a chick in a massive, high-energy way that occasionally worked - but it all seemed a little hit and miss.

The other day, I tried something else.

I was walking through a dancefloor and there was this girl there - cute, blonde, nice body, beautiful eyes - and she was dancing away, as hot chicks are wont to do.

Hilariously enough, it turns out that she was with her friends AND dancing with another guy at the time. I simply did not notice either of these things.

What can I tell you? She was just so pretty.

I was walking over to a friend who was on the other side of her, and she must have thought I was approaching her or whatever, because she looked up.

I don't know where this came from - perhaps it was the spirit of Casanova himself - but I think the best description for what I did next was that I struck a dramatic pose.

In fact, I think it's better to say that I struck a pose dramatically. I literally jumped into it, a big, rapid movement like a whole-body snap that just commanded attention.

I held it. I think I had one hand on my hip, exaggerated 'cool' body language and one hand on my chin, like I was considering her. I kept holding it.

After about 4 seconds (which can be a long time) she struck a pose as well.

I struck another pose.

She struck one.

I did a little jig.

She did a little jig.

I took her hand and spun her around.

She span around.

Boom - we're dancing, all close up and shit. Lovely girl - really, really pretty. I don't lean in, but I make it obvious that I'm scoping her out as we dance. Women have these coquettish "I'm running away from you" dance moves. They'll turn their backs, or dance away briefly just to see if you'll follow them. Now, it's not just a case of not following them - that's obvious. It's more than that. You stand there like a pillar of motherfucking steel. You are the immovable centre of the universe when they go away. You can still dance and move where you are, but you are rooted down. You do not move one inch toward her - not one motherfucking INCH.

Instead, what you do is check that chick the fuck out. Yes. There's no time for fucking around when you're fucking around. You fucking check that honey out soooo bad. You make her fucking REALISE that she's being checked out. Full body scoping. T. A. The works.

I found that a brilliant thing to do when chicks are dancing with you and dance away from you is this - pace.

Yes, pace. Like a lion paces. A lion in a cage. You're not going to go for her. Your self-discipline precludes that. You're just waiting for her to get to you, and when she does you'll rip her clothes off her.

Pace laterally. You are communicating this - I want to fuck you but I've got myself on a tight leash... and I fucking need a tight leash because I am a motherfucking animal and I want to fuck you so hard that you forget your fucking name.

Snarl if you have to, under your breath, to get that right kind of animalism. No-one will hear you - the music's too loud. This is all primal shit. Non-verbal game. Connect with your inner animal.

It's all about the actions and the non-actions. You see, even when she goes away, you're not just 'not chasing her.' You are actively holding yourself back.

The difference is fucking profound.

This is interesting, because I think that the psychological dynamic of it was something like this - I am obviously looking to fuck her. It is apparent right from the start that my interest is sexual. At the same time I'm not pushing anything. My desire for her is radiating off me like a physical fucking heat, and I'm making no apologies for it. She's dancing away (just smoking hot, guys, really) and I'm scoping her out properly. If I do not chase after her, she has no reason to leave me because all I'm doing is scoping her out - I'm making her feel powerful, sexy. I'm making her feel wanted. I'm making her feel hot.

But think about this gentlemen - the only thing she can do to resist is to physically leave. If she stays, she accepts the sexuality, because she is choosing to stay in a sexual situation.

Can you see?

Everything becomes sexual. If she dances away, I am rooted to the fucking ground. If she dances toward me I grab her and pull her real close. I grind against her - and she fucking knows that I want her.

She dances away again. She dances back. Now think about it gents - this is actually a stacking of wordless SOIs. That is essentially what I am doing here. I demonstrate that I am not needy and clingy by not physically moving after her - not even a millimetre - and all the time my eyes are all fucking over this girl.

This may sound a little odd - but you could think of it like a non-verbal GM method - with none of the joking. This is not a comedy. This is animal motherfucking magnetism.

Openly, unapologetically sexual. Raw. Hot.

The art exists in gauging it so she doesn't get offended. She might act offended - but if she comes back, if she stays - she accepts in her own mind that this is hot and she likes it.

So anyway, after about 5 minutes of this, she's doing the 'dive'.

The 'dive' is one of my favourite things. It's so nice. It's basically what chicks do when they really, really want to be kissed.

A chick will move in toward your lips, and then veer off to the side at the last minute, then pretend that she's all innocent. It's sooooo sweet.

I also love it because it means that you don't need to do any kind of weird kiss-close bullshit.

You can do something else instead. Something sexier. If a girl's giving you the dive, you know that you'll not be rejected - so you can just pull some Fonz shit out of the bag.

As we're dancing, I take her hand, spin her into my arms, bend her right back, then pull her up - fast - so that she arrives face to face with me in a jolt.

She has a small scarf on, which I grab. I love doing shit like this.

I pull her in and kiss her, hard. I push her away, breaking the kiss, and look into her eyes, smouldering at her. Yes - fucking smouldering. This girl is extremely attractive. However I'm getting home tonight, I'm going to be limping.

It is a glorious thing when you can actually see a woman melt.

She melted.

She mumbles something, and I lean in to catch it. She's just asked my name. I tell her my name. She tells me hers. It's a pretty name. I tell her so. She offers to buy me a drink.

I only get halfway through it before she drags me out of the club.

C'est la vie.
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